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We are excited to announce that we are now offering online pilates workshops and private reviews that can be taken remotely via GoToMeeting.  This is a change in the conventional program to provide continued education to current and upcoming Instructors throughout the lockdown period.
Virtual Online Pilates Training Options
  • Group workshops: see below the list of workshops that are on offer for online training via GoToMeeting.
  • Private workshops: see below the list of workshops that are offered one to one via GoToMeeting or email your request and we can see if it is doable. When applying for these please make sure you pay for 2 hours.
  • Private custom training: ‘Custom Repertoire Review Sessions’.  Have you completed a STOTT PILATES Course and have areas you would like to review?  These Custom Repertoire Review sessions could be a review of your Postural Analysis skills, an Exam Review or  course content if you have the relevant props or machines onsite, etc. When applying for this option please make sure you pay for the appropriate amount of hours.

Duration: The duration of each Group or Private workshop is 2 hours long (we will allocate 2.5 hours to allow for potential online technical issues).  Private Custom Repertoire Reviews can run for a maximum of 4 hours at a time p/day.

Attendance: Workshop Group attendance will be restricted up to 10 participants only (‘in person’ attendance is 18 participants).  Private training is 1-1.  There is no pre-requisite to attend these workshops, all participants are welcome!

Price: Group workshops: AU$150 p/2hr workshop, incl GST & workshop notes (note ‘in person’ group workshops cost AU$200 each).  No extra cost for extra time that maybe required.  Private workshops & Custom Review training: AU$180 p/1hr.  Note no charge is required for pre-course registration to discuss your training ambitions (including email/phone enquiries).

CECs: Full Merrithew continued education credits will be offered.  Excellent method of receiving your yearly professional development credits, without additional travel expenses.  All training will be registered with Merrithew and a letter of completion will be sent to you directly from Merrithew Head Office.  In order to receive full credit of participation, students must complete and physically participate in the full online workshop and adhere to the Merrithew policies & procedures.

Digital Platform: We will be using GoToMeeting to connect to our students, therefore students will require a strong internet via a landline connection, or a very fast internet speed.  Students cannot record their screen, take photos or audio recordings.  The same policies around photography, video and/or audio recording on our global policies & procedures still apply.Merrithew policies & procedures.

Equipment & Workshop Notes: Students must have the correct props in order to take the workshop, (e.g. have a Flex-Band to attend the Flex-Band workshop).  We will send you exclusive digital PDF workshop notes prior to the workshop starting.

Group workshops for the next few weeks starting 6pm Brisbane time please check the time zone:


  1. Anatomy Review – 31 October – 1 November 2-5:30pm (run over 2 days)
  2. STOTT PILATES® Prenatal Pilates on the Mat – 15 Oct 6-8:30pm
  3. STOTT PILATES® Dynamic Armchair Pilates™ – 29 Oct, 6-8:30pm
  4. Intense Sculpting Challenge, Flexband, level 4 – TBC
None of the following have been scheduled but it is the entire list of what is on offer via online training and you can certainly book these in for private training.  
Intro to Essential Matwork
Intensifying Essential Matwork
Full Intermediate Matwork Workout
Full Advanced Matwork WorkoutThe Secret to Toned Arms, Buns & Thighs Matwork Interval Training, Level 1 Matwork Interval Training, Level 2 Matwork Strength & Mobility Conditioning Towel Workout Athletic Conditioning on the Mat
Bodyweight Training
Matwork Flow Conditioning Sequence Workout
Matwork Flow with Weights
Matwork Flow Conditioning Sequence & Matwork Flow with Weights Matwork Flow with Ankle Tubing
Fitness Circle® Challenge
Fitness Circle® Flow
Power Paced Fitness Circle®
Precision & Control with the Fitness Circle®
Athletic Conditioning with Fitness Circle®
Sculpt & Tone
Total Body Sculpting
Ultimate Body Sculpting
Intense Sculpting Challenge
Rotational Disks on the Mat
Core Balance
Dynamic Balance
3D Balance
Superior Balance
Stability Ball Challenge
Essential Pilates on the BOSU
Intermediate Pilates on the BOSU
Mini Stability BallTM Workout
Foam Roller, Level 1
Foam Roller Challenge, Level 2
Mini Foam RollerTM Flow [Added April 13]
Toning BallTM Workshop
Total Body Toning
Pilates with Props, Level 1 Pilates with Props, Level 2
Pilates with Props, Levels 1 & 2
Matwork with Props: Strength & Endurance for Teens
Twist BallTM Workout
Sliding Mobility Disks for Dynamic Stabilization, Matwork
Soft Kettlebell Plus Workout
Essential Matwork on Stability CushionsTM
Athletic Conditioning on Stability CushionsTM
Essential Matwork and Athletic Conditioning on Stability CushionsTM Pilates with the Medicine Ball
Ultimate Back CarePrenatal Pilates on the Mat (Arc optional)
Prenatal Matwork with Stability Ball & Flex-Band
Prenatal Pilates on the Edge Post-Natal Pilates
Armchair Pilates Plus
Dynamic Armchair
Armchair Pilates with Hand weights Anatomy Review Workshop Stabilization Principles
Postural Theory & Application to Pilates ExercisesOptimization of the Shoulder ComplexIntermediate Matwork: Functional Anatomy, Cueing & Correcting Group Matwork Classes: Teaching Skills & Programming Choices Personal Training Matwork
Teaching Matwork to First-Timers
Athletic Conditioning on the Edge
Pilates Matwork for Men
Pilates Matwork for Golf, Level 1
Pilates Matwork for Golf, Level 2
Pilates Matwork for Golf, Levels 1 & 2 Conditioning for Golf & Rotational Power on the Mat Conditioning for Golf & Rotational Power with Weights Flexion-Free Workshop
Essential Matwork with a Fascial Focus Arc Barrel Workshop
Athletic Conditioning on the Arc or Stability BarrelStability BarrelTM: Create Balance & Control Stability BarrelTM Flow: Intermediate Challenge Breathing & Mobility on the Stability BarrelTM Lite